"Animals are such agreeable friends ― they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." ― George Eliot

Welcome to Animal Outreach Project, Inc!
We are a small organization that is new to our area. We are residents in Upshur County, West Virginia and have seen first hand the need for help for the animals and the people that own them.

There are also many people that have fallen upon hard times and are unable to provide the necessities for their pets. Things that many take for granted such as food, shelter, bedding, litter, and sometimes even medications & other such items. We want to help the people & in doing so, we also get to help the pets!  We also offer a low cost option as well for spay and neuter. You can get started here by filling out a simple request form, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Mission:
To engage the hearts, hands, and minds
of the community to help animals.

Our Vision:
To compassionately and responsibly
create a more humane world for animals.

Our Core Values:
Be good to animals. Partner with people.
Lead responsibly with compassion.