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About Us

We here at AOP are pet lovers. We have seen first hand the struggles pet owners can face. The loss of job,medical issues, or just needing a little help. We don’t want pets turned into a shelter or going hungry because their owners find themselves in a tight spot! We ourselves have needed that help, and through our program hope to extend that help to others.


Spay and neuter assistance has become our passion! We believe the only way to help decrease the number of unwanted pets in our community is to make spay and neuter affordable to everyone! Whether it is a colony of neighborhood cats, or the sweet puppy your children convinced you they needed, we are here to help! We are small but growing and always happy to welcome new volunteers whether for the long term or one event. Everyone can make a difference!


Our Mission: To engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals.


Our Vision: To compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for animals.


Our Core Values: Be good to animals. Partner with people. Lead responsibly with compassion.


Board Members

Cristy Lloyd , President

Samantha Atchison, VP

Marcella Garrison, Secretary


Our 501(c)3 number is - 47-2767228

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Everything we do here at AOP, needs donations. $1.00 a month is $12.00 at the end of the year which is one animals state required Rabies Vaccine. We are only successful because of your support and for that we are very grateful and appreciative. 


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