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Ways We Help


While we all love our cats, they can quickly become more than we can handle as they reproduce 4 times a year with often 5 or more kittens per litter. At our local animal control facility, 95% of cats and kittens that enter the facility are euthanized, hundreds every single year.  We would like to combat these numbers with spay and neuter. 

A Feral colony is just as in need of spay and neuter assistance as any cat within our community. TNR, Trap, alter, Release is the way to stop the reproduction of these feral cats. We are committed to helping alleviate the problems associated with pet overpopulation, and alter as many of those pets and ferals that we can. Humans and feral pets can mutually benefit each other. A Feral colony, for example, can eliminate and control an infestation of rat or moles with little or no inconvenience to coexisting human populations.

With a Feral Community, ear tipping is very important. Ear-tipping involves surgically removing a small portion of one of a cat’s ears and is a common practice used to help identify those that have already been altered with a quick glance at their ears, which means no new kittens will be born, and that’s a good thing. Ear tipping is done while under general anesthesia while the cat is in for its spay or neuter surgery. 

   What We do to Help 

  • We offer assistance with Spay and Neuter of ALL cats. 

  • We have Live traps to assist in the safe capture of Ferals. 

  • We offer Free ear tipping to Feral cats with spay or neuter. 

  • We offer Rabies Vaccine with every spay or neuter. 

  • We offer insulated Feral Cat warm boxes for those very cold nights. (when available)

  • We offer Canned and Dry food and Litter to all cats in need. (when available) 


As we have all heard, "Dogs are a mans best friend!" We want your best friend to be as healthy as possible and be your best friend for as long as possible. How, you ask? By a simple, common procedure called spay and neuter. Pets who undergo a spay and neuter surgery are not only better off themselves, but they contribute to a healthier pet community too. Pet overpopulation is a serious concern, with more animals entering shelters than there is room to hold them. Sadly, far too many face euthanasia  

Spay and neuter surgery causes a change in your pet’s physical and behavioral make-up. Without so many hormones urging them to mate, they often become calmer, more attentive to you, and avoid many serious medical ailments associated with their reproductive systems. Simply put, spay and neuter surgery helps them live a longer, healthier life with you. Here are just a few of the health benefits we have found for your BFF after surgery: 


Female Pets

  • No longer suffer through heat cycles which cause frustration in both cats and dogs, and messy bleeding in dogs as well

  • Have a reduced urge to roam and find a mate

  • Will be less inclined towards urine marking behavior

  • Escape the risk of pyometra, a serious uterine infection

  • Are less likely to develop mammary gland tumors

  • Avoid any chance of ovarian or uterine cancers

Male Pets

  • Are less aggressive

  • Have a reduced urge to roam and find a mate

  • Will be less inclined towards urine marking behavior

  • Escape the risk of testicular cancer

  • Are less likely to develop perianal tumors

  • Avoid serious prostate problems

    What We do to help

  • We offer spay and Neuter assistance to ALL dogs 

  • We ensure that ALL dogs have a current Rabies Vaccine required by State Law §19-20A-2.

  • We offer canned and Dry food for those in need (when available) 

  • We offer dog houses and straw. (when available) 

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